A little bit of love slathered in a whole bunch of hate.

Everything the Anti-Pit bull movement hates:

1. Yo’ Momma

2. Their Momma

3. Mexicans

4. African Americans

5. Everyone non-white

6. Common sense

7. Pit bulls

8. Dogs the could possibly be pit bulls because they have two ears, four legs and a tail.

9. Homosexuals

10. Drag Queens

11. Transgender

12. Questions

13. Ethical treatment of animals

14. Having someone disagreeing with them.

15. Independent thought

16. Sunshine

17. Rainbows

18. Happy people

19. Common sense laws

20. Accountability

21. The elderly

22. Middle age people

23. Young adults

24. Teenagers

25. Toddlers

26. Babies

27. The unborn

Everything Anti-Pit bull movement loves:

1. Racism

2. ‘Merica

3. Physical assaults

4. Making threats of violence

5. Basements

6. “White Pride”

7. Nazis

8. Secret identities

9. Scams

10. Not lying, just telling “untruths”.

11. Mountain Dew

12. Japanese animation

13. Quoting bible verses but… doing everything else the Bible tells you not to do.

14. Talking about d@cks.

15. Talking about their d@cks.

16. Suckers

17. Hate

18. Satan

19. “Untruths”

20. Killing things.


Non-Profits Profiting off Hate?

Non-profits need money. Non-profits needs funders and some non-profits might not be to picky exactly were that money is coming from.

I won’t name names, because I can’t confirm that money is being promised or exchanges by the two non-profits with the online troll anti-pit alt-right racists because they absolutely refuse to answer after multiple attempts with legitimate questions.

Finally, after the last question, and not wanting to comment- they twitter blocked me. I’m really not shock because I’m not arguing or engaging in the racially charged insults- I’m asking the question because as Non-Profits, they should be transparent when it comes to their donors.

While the non-profits might not be willing, and @wildgoose666 avoiding I answer a legitimate questions, some of his followers have. According to some of the anti-Pit followers,the majority of pit bull owners are “African America and are from low-income communities” and still, you hear crickets from the two non-profits partnered with the extremist trolls when asked about those ties.

I think we all know they will never answer, but I will ask them because we, have that right to know if those donations are funding their agenda.

So Many Questions and So little Answers.

So, I learned something today,  BSL supporters seem to be a bit shy when you ask them sensible questions. Questions that needed answers on a higher functioning brain seemed to kind of elude them. Not to mention, they don’t like answering anything, but they sure do like getting everyone riled up!


(Credit Aragonoutlook.org)

Now, noone is really sure who is who when it comes to this epic twitter war between pit bull owners and those who just don’t like pit bulls. It’s totally understandable why there needs to be this sense of anonymity because if people knew who was who in actual real life, there would be more real life consequences, which in twitter/social media life, it’s the direct opposite. More extreme means bigger follows, no matter the message. Why? Because there are thousands of extremest online, it’s their safe place.

I tried over and over to get one of these anti-pit bull extremists to sit down and really have an open conversation on why they have become invested in this fight.  Nope. Not one stepped up. I can only imagine it’s because they don’t really have a true investment in this emotionally charged battle, they are just there, really, to be there.


I even asked the infamous @wildgoose999, who either is Sam Hyde or.. just using his videos and images, to sit down and fill me in with the why he’s become so invested, even to a point to were he has a gofundme account that has successfully raised a little under 8k.


But, where are those donations going to go to? Again, I reached out to Wildgoose and a few of his associates, and I got no response. According to some of the non-profit BSL groups, they say they don’t have an idea who this Wildgoose is, he isn’t a voice for their movement and don’t agree with his extreme tacit. Although, I’m sure that any non-profit wouldn’t openly share that they are going to benefit or if they are helping fund this gofundme, but that doesn’t mean they are not. In fact, multiple members of a Non-Profit group and their board members HAVE donated.

I was able to have an open conversation with one of the twitter profiles, asking him why he’s in this fight and his view is that “it’s making the world safer.” Its not my place to agree or disagree with him, but I thought it was important to ask him if these extreme tactics and the new infamous hashtag #pitbulldrop off which is spreading like wild fire, promoting adopting pit bulls or taking dogs and euthanizing them.  @Majd0_, one of those in the thick of the twitter fight, referred back to the pretty successful (yet unclear) gofundme and seemed pretty honest, yet unsure of exactly who was in charge of the gofundme and were the donations would go to.  When asked were the donations would go, he shared:


I know I’m not alone in wondering about the donations. There seems to be a rumbling in the BSL advocacy regarding the legitimacy of the gofundme and feels that they are being scammed (Although, if they are, frankly, I kind of think they deserve it, mainly for not knowing WHO you are giving money to,).  I’ve been waiting to see if Wildgoose would be willing to have some sort of transparency regarding the donation, but so far, he can’t seem to answer the question. I’m not sure why he’s so afraid, he would still have his anonymity  but show some transparency.

This is what I learned:

  • When asked honest questions, 2 out of 12 BSL advocates did answer, while the other refused.
  • It seems that those fueling this anti pitbull twitter fight really seem to know, just how to push the buttons of pit bull owners, and are really working overtime on them.
  • The gofundme could possibly be a scam, but who knows?  Maybe it will go for something that helps their cause, or maybe it will go in there pockets.
  • The delivery of the message from the BSL extremists have caused a division among the much calmer BSL advocates, unsure if the message that Wildgoose is sending, is the message they support.
  • Racism seems to go hand in hand with the anti pit bull extremists. Racism and Anime. I’m not sure how to even work that one out….

Either way, the twitter war wages on, but I can’t help but wonder, are pit bull advocates fueling this anti pit twitter popularity unknowingly? What would happen if pit bull advocates just … stopped responding? Extremists will always say extreme things, and, if anything, with social media, it’s become so much easier to get even more extreme, but honestly, what happens when they don’t have anyone to feed them?


Just If….

You know, I’ve reached out to a few very loud and proud BSL supporters for an in-depth Twitter-view. Why? Because maybe they aren’t really as bad as their online persona.

Then I realized that neither of them would because they are chickenshit. Well, one maybe chicken shit, the other… stork shit?

Either way, we’ll just go with bird shit. So, since neither one of them will step and explain the investment (besides a gofundme) they have in this movement called Breed Specific Legislation, I can only imagine how one of those interviews would go…

I really need to stop imagining.

The Break Up Heard All Around The Internet.

Break ups are hard. You spend all this time and energy becoming emotionally involved, all that time hanging on that last tweet or Facebook post and of course, all that money you spent donating to a gofundme campaign.

I hate to be the one to report, but the breakup of the new extreme Daxton’s Friend spokesperson “John Wildgoose” and fellow long time BSL advocate Harve Morgan are officially done and it’s caused the fellow BSL advocates to chose sides in this messy public break up.

As usual, this public couple were drifting apart before the accusation of racism but it seemed to come to a head when Harve took the first heartbreaking jab.

Can you imagine John’s pain when he is told that A) he is being a mooch and B) that he has a fat ass? Can you imagine the tears?

It didn’t take long for John to vigorously defend his broken heart, which led the fight that delivered the devastating blow to the couple.

Battle lines were drawn and like any divorce, BSL advocates were choosing sides.

It was becoming so messy that it caused the oldest, Jeff Borchardt to create a blog to attempt to bring the bickering couple back together.

Sadly, it failed. Epically.

The two have gone their ways with a bag full of bitterness and pain.

John, wishing he could throw Harve in a gas chamber (a bit extreme but I won’t judge with his broken heart.)

Harve, trying to move on and cut all ties.

The intensity of a relationship is bound to be nuclear when they split, especially when one is so financially invested.

It’s painful to see this raw pain from two obviously unstable individuals, and by painful, I mean it’s become painful from laughing my ass off.


Every now and then, that special person comes into your life and this one crash landed with his pants off right smack into this group called “The Pit bull Propaganda Machine” created by founder of Daxton’s Friends, a Mr. Jeff Borchardt. I’m not sure if Jeff ready for this relationship, he seems kind of intense.

Like an intense, burning STD in his Calvin Klein’s. Who knows, maybe that’s the kind of relationship Jeff Borchardt is looking for. Although, maybe it’s not really him? I noticed, co-founder of Dogsbite.org is on his friends list, a Ms. Colleen Lynn. Maybe it’s like, a polygamous relationship? Either way, I’m not one to judge.

I’m not sure if this is the sort of role model they are wanting to be the new face of their campaign of fear-mongering as it seems, he kind of gets distracted by all of his alt-right racist rants. I think the big hint on that was his “I wish I could gas them all” comment regarding some of the old timers in the BSL groups.

or… maybe this was the hint?

I dunno, maybe I’m just assuming. I’m sure deep down, beneath his racist heart, he’s a bigger quack then what he seems?

The Journey Begins…

One second, let me stretch a bit and get comfy. Why you ask? Because we’ve got a long road in front of us, a road full of laughter, what the f@cks, tears, shock, outrage and only the good Lord knows what else.

A goose is a goose, unless it’s a wildgoose and then it’s just bat sh@t crazy- some random smart person

Sooooo… once upon a time, there was these big bad morons and they support this thing called breed specific legislation. Basically, it’s about people who want to kill a few selective breed of dogs for many reasons, not just one person’s dog, but millions of dogs that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Credit: Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds (Incase you didn’t know who this was).

In a nutshell, they just want to kills dogs. Pretty simple. Thing is, crazy is crazy and in that crazy group, they all flock together like birds of the same feather and then they fester like this big oozing infectious disease. Every now and then, one of those diseased rotting birds arises and attempts to be the leader of the festering mass.

BEHOLD! We bring forth John Wildgoose! He even has this theme song, which for most normal people (like you & me) is disgusting, offensive and prroooobbally not the best time to be joking about such things, but whatever. He has named it:

I seriously sh@t you not. Don’t believe me? Check it yourself right here. Ladies and gentleman, BEHOLD! The new face of the BSL supporters. I wonder if they sit around and chant this in their basements, when they walk their dogs, grocery shop or drive to post office? Can you imagine shopping on Amazon chanting this song?

I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but those suuurreee look like those holes were created by fists? I’m not one to judge but, I would think if you were going to, I dunno, broad cast something, you would at least, throw a blanket over that? Maybe change the position of the camera? Maybe get a new door? Maybe?

So, I watched this other video of him, exercising his 2nd amendment (at first thought it was an add for stricter gun laws by showing a crazy, violent man who sings about anal and rape with a shotgun, but nope- it was a video about how to kill dogs. Shocked? Are you really?).

By no means am I going into gun laws, I’m just going to ask, is the guy that any of you comfortable with him, that individual in that video, you know, the weird guy in a neck brace, owning a gun?