The Journey Begins…

One second, let me stretch a bit and get comfy. Why you ask? Because we’ve got a long road in front of us, a road full of laughter, what the f@cks, tears, shock, outrage and only the good Lord knows what else.

A goose is a goose, unless it’s a wildgoose and then it’s just bat sh@t crazy- some random smart person

Sooooo… once upon a time, there was these big bad morons and they support this thing called breed specific legislation. Basically, it’s about people who want to kill a few selective breed of dogs for many reasons, not just one person’s dog, but millions of dogs that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Credit: Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds (Incase you didn’t know who this was).

In a nutshell, they just want to kills dogs. Pretty simple. Thing is, crazy is crazy and in that crazy group, they all flock together like birds of the same feather and then they fester like this big oozing infectious disease. Every now and then, one of those diseased rotting birds arises and attempts to be the leader of the festering mass.

BEHOLD! We bring forth John Wildgoose! He even has this theme song, which for most normal people (like you & me) is disgusting, offensive and prroooobbally not the best time to be joking about such things, but whatever. He has named it:

I seriously sh@t you not. Don’t believe me? Check it yourself right here. Ladies and gentleman, BEHOLD! The new face of the BSL supporters. I wonder if they sit around and chant this in their basements, when they walk their dogs, grocery shop or drive to post office? Can you imagine shopping on Amazon chanting this song?

I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but those suuurreee look like those holes were created by fists? I’m not one to judge but, I would think if you were going to, I dunno, broad cast something, you would at least, throw a blanket over that? Maybe change the position of the camera? Maybe get a new door? Maybe?

So, I watched this other video of him, exercising his 2nd amendment (at first thought it was an add for stricter gun laws by showing a crazy, violent man who sings about anal and rape with a shotgun, but nope- it was a video about how to kill dogs. Shocked? Are you really?).

By no means am I going into gun laws, I’m just going to ask, is the guy that any of you comfortable with him, that individual in that video, you know, the weird guy in a neck brace, owning a gun?


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