Every now and then, that special person comes into your life and this one crash landed with his pants off right smack into this group called “The Pit bull Propaganda Machine” created by founder of Daxton’s Friends, a Mr. Jeff Borchardt. I’m not sure if Jeff ready for this relationship, he seems kind of intense.

Like an intense, burning STD in his Calvin Klein’s. Who knows, maybe that’s the kind of relationship Jeff Borchardt is looking for. Although, maybe it’s not really him? I noticed, co-founder of Dogsbite.org is on his friends list, a Ms. Colleen Lynn. Maybe it’s like, a polygamous relationship? Either way, I’m not one to judge.

I’m not sure if this is the sort of role model they are wanting to be the new face of their campaign of fear-mongering as it seems, he kind of gets distracted by all of his alt-right racist rants. I think the big hint on that was his “I wish I could gas them all” comment regarding some of the old timers in the BSL groups.

or… maybe this was the hint?

I dunno, maybe I’m just assuming. I’m sure deep down, beneath his racist heart, he’s a bigger quack then what he seems?


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