So Many Questions and So little Answers.

So, I learned something today,  BSL supporters seem to be a bit shy when you ask them sensible questions. Questions that needed answers on a higher functioning brain seemed to kind of elude them. Not to mention, they don’t like answering anything, but they sure do like getting everyone riled up!



Now, noone is really sure who is who when it comes to this epic twitter war between pit bull owners and those who just don’t like pit bulls. It’s totally understandable why there needs to be this sense of anonymity because if people knew who was who in actual real life, there would be more real life consequences, which in twitter/social media life, it’s the direct opposite. More extreme means bigger follows, no matter the message. Why? Because there are thousands of extremest online, it’s their safe place.

I tried over and over to get one of these anti-pit bull extremists to sit down and really have an open conversation on why they have become invested in this fight.  Nope. Not one stepped up. I can only imagine it’s because they don’t really have a true investment in this emotionally charged battle, they are just there, really, to be there.


I even asked the infamous @wildgoose999, who either is Sam Hyde or.. just using his videos and images, to sit down and fill me in with the why he’s become so invested, even to a point to were he has a gofundme account that has successfully raised a little under 8k.


But, where are those donations going to go to? Again, I reached out to Wildgoose and a few of his associates, and I got no response. According to some of the non-profit BSL groups, they say they don’t have an idea who this Wildgoose is, he isn’t a voice for their movement and don’t agree with his extreme tacit. Although, I’m sure that any non-profit wouldn’t openly share that they are going to benefit or if they are helping fund this gofundme, but that doesn’t mean they are not. In fact, multiple members of a Non-Profit group and their board members HAVE donated.

I was able to have an open conversation with one of the twitter profiles, asking him why he’s in this fight and his view is that “it’s making the world safer.” Its not my place to agree or disagree with him, but I thought it was important to ask him if these extreme tactics and the new infamous hashtag #pitbulldrop off which is spreading like wild fire, promoting adopting pit bulls or taking dogs and euthanizing them.  @Majd0_, one of those in the thick of the twitter fight, referred back to the pretty successful (yet unclear) gofundme and seemed pretty honest, yet unsure of exactly who was in charge of the gofundme and were the donations would go to.  When asked were the donations would go, he shared:


I know I’m not alone in wondering about the donations. There seems to be a rumbling in the BSL advocacy regarding the legitimacy of the gofundme and feels that they are being scammed (Although, if they are, frankly, I kind of think they deserve it, mainly for not knowing WHO you are giving money to,).  I’ve been waiting to see if Wildgoose would be willing to have some sort of transparency regarding the donation, but so far, he can’t seem to answer the question. I’m not sure why he’s so afraid, he would still have his anonymity  but show some transparency.

This is what I learned:

  • When asked honest questions, 2 out of 12 BSL advocates did answer, while the other refused.
  • It seems that those fueling this anti pitbull twitter fight really seem to know, just how to push the buttons of pit bull owners, and are really working overtime on them.
  • The gofundme could possibly be a scam, but who knows?  Maybe it will go for something that helps their cause, or maybe it will go in there pockets.
  • The delivery of the message from the BSL extremists have caused a division among the much calmer BSL advocates, unsure if the message that Wildgoose is sending, is the message they support.
  • Racism seems to go hand in hand with the anti pit bull extremists. Racism and Anime. I’m not sure how to even work that one out….

Either way, the twitter war wages on, but I can’t help but wonder, are pit bull advocates fueling this anti pit twitter popularity unknowingly? What would happen if pit bull advocates just … stopped responding? Extremists will always say extreme things, and, if anything, with social media, it’s become so much easier to get even more extreme, but honestly, what happens when they don’t have anyone to feed them?



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