Non-Profits Profiting off Hate?

Non-profits need money. Non-profits needs funders and some non-profits might not be to picky exactly were that money is coming from.

I won’t name names, because I can’t confirm that money is being promised or exchanges by the two non-profits with the online troll anti-pit alt-right racists because they absolutely refuse to answer after multiple attempts with legitimate questions.

Finally, after the last question, and not wanting to comment- they twitter blocked me. I’m really not shock because I’m not arguing or engaging in the racially charged insults- I’m asking the question because as Non-Profits, they should be transparent when it comes to their donors.

While the non-profits might not be willing, and @wildgoose666 avoiding I answer a legitimate questions, some of his followers have. According to some of the anti-Pit followers,the majority of pit bull owners are “African America and are from low-income communities” and still, you hear crickets from the two non-profits partnered with the extremist trolls when asked about those ties.

I think we all know they will never answer, but I will ask them because we, have that right to know if those donations are funding their agenda.


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