A little bit of love slathered in a whole bunch of hate.

Everything the Anti-Pit bull movement hates:

1. Yo’ Momma

2. Their Momma

3. Mexicans

4. African Americans

5. Everyone non-white

6. Common sense

7. Pit bulls

8. Dogs the could possibly be pit bulls because they have two ears, four legs and a tail.

9. Homosexuals

10. Drag Queens

11. Transgender

12. Questions

13. Ethical treatment of animals

14. Having someone disagreeing with them.

15. Independent thought

16. Sunshine

17. Rainbows

18. Happy people

19. Common sense laws

20. Accountability

21. The elderly

22. Middle age people

23. Young adults

24. Teenagers

25. Toddlers

26. Babies

27. The unborn

Everything Anti-Pit bull movement loves:

1. Racism

2. ‘Merica

3. Physical assaults

4. Making threats of violence

5. Basements

6. “White Pride”

7. Nazis

8. Secret identities

9. Scams

10. Not lying, just telling “untruths”.

11. Mountain Dew

12. Japanese animation

13. Quoting bible verses but… doing everything else the Bible tells you not to do.

14. Talking about d@cks.

15. Talking about their d@cks.

16. Suckers

17. Hate

18. Satan

19. “Untruths”

20. Killing things.


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