The Break Up Heard All Around The Internet.

Break ups are hard. You spend all this time and energy becoming emotionally involved, all that time hanging on that last tweet or Facebook post and of course, all that money you spent donating to a gofundme campaign.

I hate to be the one to report, but the breakup of the new extreme Daxton’s Friend spokesperson “John Wildgoose” and fellow long time BSL advocate Harve Morgan are officially done and it’s caused the fellow BSL advocates to chose sides in this messy public break up.

As usual, this public couple were drifting apart before the accusation of racism but it seemed to come to a head when Harve took the first heartbreaking jab.

Can you imagine John’s pain when he is told that A) he is being a mooch and B) that he has a fat ass? Can you imagine the tears?

It didn’t take long for John to vigorously defend his broken heart, which led the fight that delivered the devastating blow to the couple.

Battle lines were drawn and like any divorce, BSL advocates were choosing sides.

It was becoming so messy that it caused the oldest, Jeff Borchardt to create a blog to attempt to bring the bickering couple back together.

Sadly, it failed. Epically.

The two have gone their ways with a bag full of bitterness and pain.

John, wishing he could throw Harve in a gas chamber (a bit extreme but I won’t judge with his broken heart.)

Harve, trying to move on and cut all ties.

The intensity of a relationship is bound to be nuclear when they split, especially when one is so financially invested.

It’s painful to see this raw pain from two obviously unstable individuals, and by painful, I mean it’s become painful from laughing my ass off.


3 thoughts on “The Break Up Heard All Around The Internet.

  1. I said he is scamming the hell out of them. Just shows how desperate and stupid they are.

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